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Charr'lton Hesston Character Sheet

by Charr'lton Hesston on Jul 13, 2012 at 03:26 PM}
Name: Charr'lton Hesston (born Crag Ironforger)
Gun's Name: Moses
Race: Charr
Age: 67
Sex: Male
Profession: Engineer
(Your profession must be able to wield a gun)

Notable Quote(s):
"Guns don't kill people. Charr with guns kill people."

Brief Background:
Born to an honorless Gladium, Crag Ironforger struggled to become an integral soldier in his Iron legion armored tank division. While his warband was stationed in Lion's Arch during his teenage years he dabbled in the gladiator's arena. Donning the moniker "The Charr," & utilizing such catch phrases as, "The Charr is going to lay the smackdown on your candyass." & "Can you smell what the Charr is cooking?" he became an instant star.

Upon discovering his love of the crowd (& the crowds mutual love of theatrics during the games), Crag began performing in local dinner theatre but was unable to avoid type casting. His theatre days were shortlived as his warband was abruptly deployed to Steeleye Span. After a military-career-ending leg injury Crag returned to Lion's Arch for rehabilitation.

Crag quickly learned that there was still a career waiting for him in Lion's Arch. Arena game organizers were willing to pay top dollar for "staged" battles featuring the legendary "The Charr." Crag unwilling to disgrace his reputation turned to his other love, dinner theatre. Hoping to avoid type casting he reinvented himself under the stage name Charr'lton Hesston. Charr'lton Hesston became an icon earning critical acclaim for his portrayal of Khan-Ur & making famous the line: “Let my people conquer.”

Wishing to challenge himself he traveled with a theatre troupe that played every major city in Tyria taking on unconventional roles for a Charr such as Magni the Bison, a role traditionally reserved for Norn. He displayed his ultimate flexibility in his portrayal of an Asuran, Gadd. His death scene bringing a house in Rata Sum to tears.

His stardom would soon spiral, however, after an ill advised role portraying King Adelbern in an Ebonhawke show -he was booed off stage. He had one last hit play, an alchemy fiction play titled "Planet of the Humans", which in turn led to a series of less memorable alchemy fiction plays that bombed (such as Return to the Planet of the Humans).

Reinventing himself again Charr'lton Hesston returned to his military roots founding the Tyrian Rifle Association in Lion's Arch in opposition to the newly founded TAG: Tyrians Against Guns.

How did you hear about TRA?
The TRA was founded by Charr'lton Hesston in 1302 AE.


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